Do you really like doing takeoffs?

I didn’t think so!

The good news is, now you don’t have to like doing them, because you never have to spend hours doing another one!

I’m The Takeoff Doctor, and I’ve got two better ways to handle this complicated, frustrating, and even boring work for you:

  1. TTD Tiny House Estimator program – Do-it-yourself material takeoff & estimate for small structures!
  2. TTD Takeoff Service – I do all the work!

Any way you go, this will allow you to spend more time building and enjoying your project, and a lot less calculating material lists and project costs!

Please tour my site, and find out how I can help eliminate the following:

  • Stress Headaches… from budget overruns
  • Blurry Vision… from hours spent staring at tiny numbers
  • High Blood Pressure (The FDA had a problem with this one, but we know the truth!)
  • Extreme Boredom… from re-measuring or re-counting the same item multiple times
  • Shortness of Breath… from running back to the lumberyard… again