Email me here!

Email is the only  way to contact me about The Takeoff Doctor business. This ensures you and I both have a written record of what we discuss.

Most emails will be answered the same day, typically within 30 minutes.


Days and hours currently vary.


I do not do business over the telephone for any reason.

My work hours vary greatly, I’m often on a jobsite or traveling, and I have clients in many different time zones. All of this makes phone conversations very inconvenient, if not impossible. There are many times when I can’t take a call, but can respond with a quick email, even if it’s just to know when I can get back to you with answers to your questions. In addition, I need to be at my computer to address any specific takeoff-related questions. Also, I can’t be interrupted by constant phone calls when I’m in the middle of actually doing a takeoff.

My experience has always been that email is more accurate and reliable for all work communications. Think of my service like Amazon, but for takeoffs. They don’t take orders over the phone, and neither do I.

For these reasons, as well as other personal reasons, I do not give out a phone number, or do any business over the phone. Thanks for your understanding.