TTD Takeoff Service




  1. Email your plans, in PDF or TIF format, with either written specs or a brief description, and what level and phases of takeoff (see options below) you need.
  2. I’ll email you an estimated time to complete, and either a flat rate price, or a time estimate along with my hourly rate, depending on the complexity of your project.
  3. Almost all single-family, 1- or 2-story houses can be priced at my flat rates, which vary based on the number of floors, type of construction, and phases of construction to be included in the takeoff. Plans with excessive details, sections, or overly complicated design will require charging by the hour.
  4. Your first project will require a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost. This deposit must be made through PayPal.
  5. While most takeoffs take less than a day, I must also consider my current backlog before committing to a completion date.
  6. Once I begin working on your project, I’ll email you with any questions that arise. Feel free to forward these questions to someone else (Owner, Engineer, etc.) if needed, and forward me the answers when you receive them. I will not call/email 3rd parties to track down answers. Delays in getting the needed information will delay completion of the takeoff.
  7. Once takeoffs are completed, I will invoice you through PayPal. You can pay the invoice with any major credit or debit card, without even having to set up a PayPal account, if you prefer. PayPal is the only method of payment I accept.
  8. Once PayPal notifies me that your payment has cleared, I will send you the completed Material List in your choice of Excel or PDF format, along with notes of any issues or unanswered questions you may need to address with the Owner, Architect, or Engineer.
  9. You can then send out the material list to your vendors for bids, or transfer the quantities into your existing estimating or accounting system that already contains your unit pricing.


I offer three standard levels of residential new construction framing takeoffs, with options to add foundations and trim. Available takeoffs cover those items generally offered by a full-service lumberyard for the “shell” or “dry-in” phases of construction. I don’t offer mechanicals (electric, plumbing, HVAC), or “decorator” items (flooring, paint, cabinets, etc.) in these packages. Below you will find a brief summary for each level. For costs and full details of what is included in each level, click here .

  1. Instant ($70) – General material list for all shell and main finish items, excluding door & window details. Mainly used when you only have a floor plan or sketch. The Instant takeoff uses a different program than all other levels, and can’t be combined with any other options listed below. The file you receive from this is an Excel file instead of PDF, allowing you to enter your local pricing.
  2. Engineered Framing ($110 & up) – All framing materials, except engineered floor and roof systems.
  3. Stick Framing ($200 & up) – All framing materials.

Add Decks (Adds $15 for EACH porch or deck) – Adds deck posts, framing, decking boards, columns, and porch/deck rails.

Add Footings & Slabs (Adds $15) – Adds footing & garage/porch slab concrete, fill, vapor barrier, and reinforcement.

Add Masonry Foundation (Adds $20) – Adds block/brick, concrete, reinforcement, vents, access doors, sand, and mortar.

Add Piling Foundation (Adds $20) – Adds pilings, cross-bracing, and framing hardware.

Add Roofing (Adds $15) – Adds roofing, roof vents and flashing.

Add Siding (Adds $40) – Adds boxing, siding, porch ceilings, exterior trim, veneers, mortar, and sand.

Add Drywall (Adds $25) – Adds drywall (board count only), basic baseboard and window casing.

All other services (commercial, single trades, Excel work, etc.) are charged by the hour. My hourly rate is $40, with a one hour minimum charge. Any additional time after the first hour will be rounded to the nearest 1/2 hour.


Click on the links below for some sample screen shots from The Takeoff Doctor and TTD-IE programs:


  • Commercial & Single Trade Takeoffs
  • Small Structure Takeoffs – Tiny Houses, Sheds, Decks, Garages, etc. using my Tiny House Estimator program. (The completed takeoff you receive includes a full working copy of the program!)
  • Custom Excel Programming – Improve/customize any existing Excel sheets you use in your business.