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There’s finally an estimating program designed specifically for Tiny Houses! You can get a very accurate material takeoff for a typical tiny house, or other small structure in about 15 minutes, without expensive hardware or software, and without learning a whole new system! I’ve put all the tricks I’ve learned over the last 21 years in one Excel workbook that will give you the most results with the least effort!


Before building my tiny house, I spent a lot of time researching the subject. One of the most common questions I saw on all of the tiny house sites was “How much does it cost?”

If I didn’t have years of home building and estimating experience, some of the answers would have scared me off before I ever got started. Sure, you can spend $50-75K on a tiny house. You can spend that much on a vehicle, and end up with a very nice one, but you don’t have to! And you can also build something for $10-15K (or less!) that will fill your needs, and be awesome at the same time.

That’s why I built The Takeoff Doctor Tiny House Estimator program (TTD-THE). If the process was scary for me, with my thousands of hours of building and estimating experience, how much worse would it be for a novice builder?

I believe everyone who wants a tiny house should have one. Or at least a fair shot at success if they decide to build it themselves. A huge factor in the success of any building project is staying on budget. Other than having the right plan to fit your needs, and the actual quality of construction, very little has as much influence over your satisfaction with the end result as knowing you got your money’s worth.

Some of the advantages of my program include:

  • Designed by a professional home builder and estimator, who is also a tiny house owner-builder.
  • Can also be used for sheds, decks, screen rooms, garages… any structure up to 24’x48′!
  • Single Excel workbook.
  • Simple to learn & use.
  • Very affordable.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Free program upgrades for life.
  • Unlimited # of installations.
  • Comprehensive and customizable material list & pricing.
  • Covers all structural and finish phases of construction.


  • Requires the bare minimum input from you to achieve an accurate material takeoff & estimate.
  • Gives you a much more accurate estimate than simple square foot pricing, without a much larger time investment.
  • Allows you to quickly compare costs of options, changes, and different construction methods/materials.
  • Produces a full material list (for the included phases), reducing those extra trips to the store.
  • Knowing how much material you need up front is a huge help when you find a great deal or craigslist “freebies”!
  • Provides you with a checklist of things that may not be shown on your plans, or options you may not have considered yet.


  • Here’s the list of included construction phases.


  • Labor costs/items, but these can easily be added. Also, any phase can be bid out to subcontractors.
  • Site-related expenses, such as clearing, grading, driveways and walkways, etc., but these can be added.
  • LOCAL Pricing. I’ve included some GENERIC pricing to demonstrate how the program works.Your LOCAL pricing will be different than mine, and material prices are constantly changing, so you MUST price out the items you’ll be using locally, to obtain an accurate estimate. Just enter the unit price in one location, and the program does the rest.


You enter some basic square foot, linear foot, count, and specification information, along with the related item pricing.

All quantity calculations are handled in the background, using tried and proven formulas. The result is an item takeoff and total material cost for the covered phases of the job.


The following sections give a brief overview of what can be found on each tab of the program. More detailed instructions can be found on each tab. If you have a question that is not answered here, don’t hesitate to email me for help.

Program Specs tab

Gives basic operating instructions for the program, along with inputs allowed and any restrictions in each phase.

Plan Terms tab

Shows basic terminology used for Gable & Shed roof plans

House Specs tab

Here you enter basic counts from your plans, such as number of windows, and linear feet of interior walls. Also, the basic structure of the project can be set here, including foundation type, framing material sizes, roof type, area dimensions, etc.

Estimate tab

Enter quantities for finish (non-structural) items. Adjust any item selections and option choices. Select which items and options you will do yourself, or subcontract out. There is also a Use column to better explain what each item is used for.

Items tab

Enter any new/custom items and your LOCAL unit pricing. Pricing can be changed on the Items tab at any time, and automatically updates that item cost anywhere it appears on the Estimate tab. This allows you to “ballpark” options, just by changing a few numbers. I have included sample costs, but, due to regional and seasonal variations, you MUST price out the items you’ll be using with your local suppliers. The accuracy of the Grand Total is directly tied to the accuracy of the material pricing you enter here.

Sample Plan tab

The program comes with measurements and other information entered for a sample plan, to clarify what information you need to input, and where. This tab shows a rough sketch of that sample plan, giving you a visual reference for the existing plan information.


Unlike most Excel-based estimating programs you are allowed to make any changes Excel will let you make. As an advanced Excel user, I know the frustration of not being able to make the changes you need to an off-the-shelf program, because it has been “dumbed-down” to “protect” you. There is none of that with my program. It’s your responsibility to not make any changes that you don’t fully understand, and to always keep a clean backup of your work.

If you find you really need a function that the program doesn’t provide, and you don’t know how to add it, contact me. It may be something I can add to a future version of the program.

Also, unlike most other estimating programs, there is no limit to the number of installations available to buyers. As long as you paid for the program, use it on 1 computer or 10. It doesn’t matter to me.

If you will be building multiple projects, you can save this file with your own pricing and item descriptions, to avoid re-entering the same info for every job. You can also set up different templates for different building styles, like slabs and crawlspaces, or any other conditions you run into a lot.

Updates to the program will be made as needed, and are always FREE to paying clients. I will maintain a list of all buyers, and notify you by email when updates are available. You can also bookmark the download location you are sent to after purchasing the program, and check back there for the latest version of the program at any time.


Click on the links below for sample screen shots from The Takeoff Doctor Tiny House Estimator program:


I will be selling TTD Tiny House Estimator for $29.

BUT, to introduce my program, I’m taking $9 off the price, for a limited time.

For $20, you can’t afford not to try it, can you?

Unlike many others, once you pay for TTD Tiny House Estimator, you own it for life! No limit on the number of installations! No charge for future upgrades! No “protected” areas of the program that you can’t customize!

You can order below through PayPal, or email me here if you have any questions. You can also email if you’re interested in having me doing the takeoff from your plans, and sending you the completed estimate ready for you to enter pricing.

After making payment through PayPal, you will be directed to the download location. When given the option to open or save the file, save it to your desktop, or any other location you prefer.

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